1. Our collection of Alternate Histories Fine Art is finished! Learn the true art history with eight prints, available in 8x10 or 11x17 inch: The Robo Lisa, The Martian Portrait, The Birth and Death of Venus, Washington  & Medwin the Mechanican Man Crossing the Delaware, Sunday in the Monster Park, An Unusually Starry Night, Living Dead Gothic, and the Zombie de Milo. Available for purchase at:

  2. Good morning Baltimore! Watch out for monsters on your commute!


  3. We’ve always wondered and now we know…what television will mean to you! From a 1939 RCA ad.

  4. Happy Wednesday! Enjoy this terrifying and vintage piece of sexist typewriter advertising! You’re welcome!

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  7. Jigsaw zine #5, 1994. Special Collections, University of Iowa Libraries
    Girl Germs zine #4, 1992. Special Collections, University of Iowa Libraries
    Bikini Kill zine #2, 1991. Special Collections, University of Iowa Libraries
    Sarah Wolfe at Alien She exhibit, Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, 2013. Photo by Matthew Buchholz
    Fight Like a Girl print. WolfePack Goods
    "quiet / not riot" mug, by redraven studios. WolfePack Goods
    Hot Topic print by Alternate Histories. WolfePack Goods


    Today we’re borrowing some items from our neighbors in Special Collections to feature a collection of zines donated by Sarah Wolfe.

    Before becoming a gifted psychiatrist helping troubled children and teens, Wolfe had struggled with mental health issues of her own during the early 1990s. Along with the excellent healthcare she received from those who helped inspire her future career path, she also found solace in riot grrrl music and zines, with their emphasis on female empowerment and self-actualization. In 2008, Wolfe donated her zines to the University of Iowa, where the collection has become a valuable resource for researchers of third-wave feminism, underground music, and fan culture. 

    Sarah Wolfe and her sister Suzy were killed during a break-in at their home in Pittsburgh earlier this year. Family, friends and colleagues have put together a number of charities to help celebrate their lives. The latest effort, WolfePack Goods, sells artwork to fund a scholarship to Pittsburgh’s Girls Rock camp in Sarah and Suzy’s names. Please see below for more information.

    UI Special Collections: Guide to the Sarah and Jen Wolfe zine collection, 1991-2003

    WolfePack Goods: home page | online store

  8. Our Le-Tigre-inspired poster collects all the shout-outs from Hot Topic in concert poster form; buy it now and 100% of all proceeds go to Girls Rock! Pittsburgh  http://bit.ly/1j5a3K7

  9. IMPORTANT NEWS (That only I and a few other people will care about): I am officially upending the long-held notion that the truck chase scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (perhaps the greatest action sequence ever filmed) was an homage to John Ford’s “Stagecoach” chase scene. As much as I love Ford, the parallels never really stuck for me, other than men jumping from moving objects. BUT I am now prepared to state unequivocally that Spielberg’s truck scene is in fact inspired by Michael Curtiz’s 1940 “Virginia City” starring Errol Flynn (which is itself inspired by the success of Stagecoach the year before)! The parallels are inescapable, including the reversal of places while driving, climbing along the sides of a moving vehicle, the vehicle traveling along side cliffs, even someone falling off the front, holding onto the bottom, and then being dragged and climbing up again. Mr. Spielberg, I await your apology, and vindication of my efforts.

  10. Happy Mother’s Day to all the cool moms out there!