1. Behold! A giant cat disrupting traffic on London Bridge! This new greeting card is part of our Cat-Astrophe series, and all profits from these cards go to local animal shelters. Click here to purchase!

  2. Tentacles attack the Empire State Building! Our exclusive iPhone case is up for scoring at Threadless right now! Please vote here so that our dream of information-phones wrapped in monsterrific casing can become a reality!

  3. Nashville jumps…with zombies! Check out our new map of Music City, USA, complete with handy guide to living dead safe areas! Purchase it here!

  4. An early bit of photographic fakery detailing the 1st National Aviation Meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1910. The airplanes were added from other negatives before the final print, resulting in a composite photograph of multiple planes. Huzzah!

  5. Throwback Thursday: The Menacing of the East River (aka Brookyn) Bridge! One of our first prints from outside of the Pittsburgh region that we “discovered,” it has remained one of our most popular wares! Purchase it here if you so desire!


  6. In tribute to last night’s Oscars, here’s the poster for 1940’s Philadelphia Story, which won Best Actor for Jimmy Stewart, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor for Metallo the Mechanical Man (who reprised his role from the original Broadway production).

  7. When people refer to the “Big Game” today, we assume they are of course referring to the most dangerous game of all…MAN!

  8. Our mascot Otis doesn’t love our new Night of the Loving Dead shirt…but you humans will enjoy it! You may purchase it now at AlternateHistories.com!

  9. "Young pawns thrust into pulsating cages of horror!" The poster for 1961’s low-budget Teenage Zombies.

  10. It’s here! The Night of the Loving Dead t-shirt! Beautifully printed by CommonWealth Press with soft water-based ink - this shirt looks and feels great! Get yours now for $25 at our website, or buy in person at Wildcard or the Commonwealth Press store!